What We Do at #TeamBC

Published on Feb 6, 2019

Annika León
Account Manager

BConnected started with a simple question: “Why not?” Why is it that only big brands get to have the resources they need to really tackle and grow on social media? Why can’t small and medium-sized companies also have a partner to help tackle their social media pages in a way that sets them apart? Why not? Every week/month/year that goes by, we continue to work on this simple task: to apply our social media strategies for campaigns and content creation to every single organization we work with, not just the big brands. At BConnected, we are here to be the vehicle that drives our client’s message. We believe in being inspired and original, and to never stop learning. We are the caretakers, the backbone, and the reliable source for your social media platforms. It’s hard to find time and effort to really tackle social media platforms the right way. That’s why we’re here to partner with you to tell your story, manage your social media efforts, and build relationships with your audience. When you hire BConnected, you get to work hand-in-hand with an account manager who essentially works as a part-time employee for your company, focused on increasing your audience engagement and brand through high-quality photo, video, and social media content. The value that we provide focuses on what macro campaigns a client may have, which we then break down into micro-themes and content. We make sure to pay attention to details, focus on people and faces, and adapt in order to build positive and honest relationships.

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