Welcome to THE FARM

Published on Mar 5, 2020

Brad Cebulski

Our first episode in a series dedicated to delivering value to you.  We call it “The Farm” because of the phrase and one of our basic behaviors, “giving away the farm”.  We follow this servant leadership concept each day within the walls of BConnected but thought it was about time to share what we learn with our most loyal fans, the community (AKA you!).


This behind-the-scenes look at our team, our culture, and our daily operations should provide you with small, simple nuggets of learning opportunities that you may bring home and share within your own life. Watch below now!

Take our Basic Behavior for the week…


Doing What’s Best For the Client:

Easy when we can all agree, but that’s not always the case. We all can’t get along all the time, so when met with situations that seem to be a fork in the road – we have to think about what’s best for them, their company, their mission, and how are we going to make this work for them.  Do we do everything they’re asking for?  Or do we lead and guide them into collaboration because of the knowledge and background we have surrounding social media?  The best bet: Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.  We’ve learned that’s it’s okay to say, “I don’t think that’s the best idea and here’s why” are ways to building trust and understanding. Start the conversation with them and figure out a way where you both provide your best ideas and have them help you come up with a solution that’s a WIN for all.


Take a look at the full video above to find a few more tools to add in your toolbox when it comes to collaborating, teamwork, learning together, and ultimately growing.

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