Top Social Trends for Summer 2020

Published on Jul 10, 2020

Sara Lawson
Account Leader

Account Leader Sara is back with some Summer 2020 tips and tricks to make your brand stand out this summer! If you don’t already post video content, now is a great time to start! Not familiar with Instagram stories and the many ways to connect with your audience through stories? We’re here to help.

01. Video content

Video content is one of the most shared pieces of content on all platforms.

Video is KEY for communication during COVID-19. Your audience needs to be kept up to date in a quick, relevant way.

Don’t be afraid of video content – we’ve got your back to make your video look great!

04. Re-evaluate metrics

Long term engagement is key! Rather than chase a viral moment, try to understand what’s driving true engagement. Think – what does your audience truly “like” week to week?

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