We are the caretakers of your story and the backbone to your mission. We partner with you to create original content for social media centered around your brand and your voice. Our job is to take care of your customers first, which in turn takes care of you.

The Why:

“BConnected isn’t structured like a traditional agency. It’s built for efficiency and the speed of social media by pairing content creators and social media account leaders directly with clients.”
– Brad Cebulski, Owner & Founder

“BConnected has been a rare find for us. We needed a social media team that could understand our business, grow with – and help us grow –  our business. Given that malting is a fairly obscure industry involving agriculture, brewing, logistics and relationship building, the BConnected team quickly exceeded our expectations. They combine great ideas with a commitment to Best Practices and polished deliverables, and they provide regular updates on expanding reach and meeting messaging targets. Best of all, they value communication and timeliness as much as we do. It’s been a pleasure and a very valuable experience to work with BConnected.”
-Susan Welch

Social Media Management

Our bread & butter service. Ongoing management of all social media and digital content needs at an affordable hourly rate. This saves time, provides industry expertise, and elevates your online presence.

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Capture Projects

We specialize in content projects to strategize and develop creative content for you that could include photo, video, drone footage and any additional visuals needed for a project.

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Consulting + Campaigns

BConnected is rolling out three new brands of services to adapt to the ever-changing world of social media. Thrive will tackle ongoing social media management, Capture will handle content projects, and Cultivate will partner with a business’s lead generation needs via social media advertising.

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