Midwest Restoration Sends 7 Children on a Trip of a Lifetime

Published on Nov 11, 2019

Brynn Joki
Brand Development Coordinator

About the Project:

The Catch-A-Dream Foundation, partner to Make A Wish Foundation, grants once-in-a-lifetime hunting and fishing experiences to children 18 years old or younger who have a life-threatening illness.

This year, Midwest Restoration teamed up with the foundation to host the 1st annual Aim for a Dream event in order to raise funds in an effort to send 5 children on their dream hunting or fishing trip.  To make this event even more successful, they requested BConnected be a part of the event promotion.

The Strategy:

The main goal of the campaign was to encourage sponsorships and participation at the event to raise the money needed to donate 100% of the proceeds to the foundation.  We knew that creating engaging content was necessary to spark interest and buy in to create awareness and gain leads for the sponsorships. We started by joining Midwest Restoration owners, Coyne and Jenny, at Woodfire Lodge in Brillion.

Due to the popularity and success of video on social networks, we chose to film multiple videos at their location in order to capture the essence and experience of the event.  We used this on their Facebook page to promote what the event is, who it is for, and how to get involved.

With the first video post introducing the event, we found the organic reach and engagement to be higher than normal.  From there, we shared additional videos over the span of just over a month that documented the experience and fun that could be had at the Woodfire Lodge on the day of the event.

The Results:


Catch-A-Dream Foundation:

The average out-of-pocket expense we incur for a child trip $4500 

The cost incurred by the family on a child trip $0

The number of child trips completed to date 673



9 Total Videos

15,376 Total Video Views

Average 1,708 view per video

646 Total Engagements // 71 engagements per video



Total Donations $29,500

Number of Sponsors 31

The goal of Trips Funded from event 5

Actual Trips Funded from event 7

From this study, we’re able to confirm social media promotion is key while gaining your community to engage and support your events.  Account Leader, Zach Hoheisel, stated while working on this project,

“Doing something fun with the community even if it’s not related to the services of your business can add personality to your company and reach more people.  I’ve noticed new growth in followers, likes, and engagement from Midwest Restoration’s page since we started this promotion.”

Additional notes include video production continuing to prove to be highly successful for organic reach and engagement. Content within your promotion should provide the viewer with a clear picture of what the event is and who it is supporting, while as importantly giving viewers the opportunity to feel the experience of being at the event itself.


If you’re looking for a strategic promotion for an upcoming event and would like to get in touch, please reach out to info@bconnectedllc.com.

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