Meet Our Director of Creative Content

Published on Nov 5, 2020

Annika Leon
Account Leader

Meet Our Director of Creative Content

Meet Brandon, our Director of Creative Content, and most tenured employee here at BConnected. Brandon is responsible for the quality of output created across our team of account leaders. His position is multi-faceted and dives deep in the support role for the team. Through education, positive reinforcement, and a hands-on approach, Brandon will work to elevate and unify our brand, content, and capabilities at BConnected. Currently, he serves on the leadership team providing insight, knowledge, and trends pertaining to the creative landscape within our industry.


Brandon’s goals for BConnected are threefold:

1) Elevate the quality of content for our social media management, BC Content, and other future company initiatives.

2) Develop a curriculum and training program for creative professionals of all skill levels to learn the way we do things at BConnected.

3) Act as the primary resource for our BC Content projects that will serve and support the Special Projects Supervisor.

A Little Background on Brandon:

Ever since Brandon can remember, he’s had a camera in his hand and has been fascinated with telling a story. That passion and energy is what creatively fuels him every day. Brandon says, “to do what I love is truly a blessing and has lead me all over the world!” His professional portfolio includes feature films, full-length documentaries, corporate events, live streaming, and much, much more! His efforts have been very fruitful and helped him gain a Gold ADDY Award through the American Advertisement Agency for editing and allowed for international recognition from film festivals. Whatever the scope of the project, Brandon can handle it.

Cinematography and editing aren’t the only tricks up his sleeve! He has professionally recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced music albums that have been featured on the radio. Prior to BConnected, he ran and operated his own live-production company servicing musicians and bands in the Fox Valley area. The fun doesn’t stop there! Brandon is also very involved in the music side of life, weighing in at seven instruments that are all self-taught! He is drawn to hobbies that are hands-on and detail-oriented like homebrewing! He has crafted several varieties of great brews and even dabbled in distilling! Lastly, he values the freedom that only a two-wheeled vehicle can offer.

Brandon, we are so excited for you to step into this new role at Team BC.

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