May Client Spotlight

Published on Jun 3, 2019

Annika León
Account Manager

Not very often do our client spotlights include our president and founder, Brad Cebulski! We were so excited to film and put together this year’s first Messy Car Karaoke for Lifest, featuring Brad! This client spotlight is special to BConnected, because not only are we media sponsors of Lifest this year, our prior BConnected team member, Lem Fillyaw, is now our client at Lifest as their new marketing manager! That means we got to spend time with a former BC team member, all while rocking out to some great music and having fun together!

Another reason for choosing this specific piece of content is to show how authenticity matters on social media. Being genuine and personable is a great way to ensure that your audience will be responsive and engaged with your brand online. Lem and Brad were casual in the way they talked with one another. It wasn’t forced or scripted in any way. Being authentic online allows your audience to see you as inviting, approachable, and trustworthy.

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