Knowing Your Audience Drives BIG Results with Brown Bomber

Published on Feb 27, 2020

Abbey Spierings
Special Projects Supervisor / Account Leader

63.5% increase in total audience growth

  • 4,319 new Facebook followers

  • 308 new Instagram followers

65.8% increase in ROI impressions

  • 957,086 FB impressions

  • 468,637 IG impressions

78.4% increase in engagement

  • 7,604 FB page engagements

  • 704 IG engagements


Brown Bomber’s two main goals for the 2019 year were to grow their community and engage with it.  Provided they are less than a 10-year-old company, we want to promote their brand and it’s growth to new cities and states.  The social strategy was to be dedicated to securing eyeballs to our content and retargeting those eyeballs to engage with us.



In order to capture the hearts of our audience, we needed to relate to them.  This created the creative inspiration of heavily focused the product in real-life environments and situations.  We utilized places that Brown Bomber would be found in, like coffee shops, pool parties, bachelor/bachelorette weekends so they could picture picking up a case of the Vanilla Hard Lattes on their way to their next event.  We also got creative on how we were engaging with our audience by serving new and trending marketing messages like #BOMBAF! (yes, this was our most popular)


With our strategy and content in place, we started utilizing paid advertising. In the month of October, we started to run advertisements that tested the creative content in order to learn what our audience engaged with the most. In November, the launch of a new flavor prompted a new focus while driving growth to the pages with a page likes campaign and a reach campaign. With a $1000 total budget, and splitting the $500 to each campaign our results were a success.




Page Likes Campaign: A creative video that drove our audience to view and like the page earning 256 results.


Reach Campaign: An enticing photo of the new flavor that brought 165,856 impressions with a 63.13% result rate of the ad.

Because we were serving our audience with multiple advertisements, we were able to now run a traffic ad that would ask them to go to a landing page on Brown Bomber’s website. Within social media, you might’ve heard the strategy jab, jab, jab, right hook before. Essentially, that means to get in front of your audience first with an offer before asking for something in return.  We were able to do this by serving multiple pieces of content, one being the launch of the new flavor, before ever asking them to leave the social platform they are on in order to get them to purchase from the Brown Bomber’s website.


Traffic Campaign: Photo advertisement asking them to the Brown Bomber website landing 361 views, 50 comments, 71 engagements, and 37 shares.


Why do we send customers off of social to the company’s website? If you’re in the marketing world, you may be familiar with a Facebook pixel that can be installed within your own website.  This pixel is able to better track the type of visitors who arrive there, offering us more detailed information about who our customers are.  By utilizing that and gaining that knowledge, we created a lookalike audience from that information. A lookalike audience is then used to find NEW customers from the same characteristics that were found from the CURRENT audience who already has engaged with us.  So say ‘Hello!’ to brand new customers most likely to love Brown Bomber!!


Our final Page Likes campaign in December took these results to test our last creative between a warm audience (someone who has engaged with us before) and a cold audience (someone brand new to our page).  Our warm audience resulted in +756 Page Likes with our cold audience bringing in +232 Page Likes. This goes to show the power in gaining brand loyalty first before asking your audience members to do something for you right off the bat.

December was our biggest success from testing and running the previous ads in October and November along with gaining insight into who our audience is that drove the best results.  We were able to stay on track with our Macro business goals by also serving, engaging, and learning about our audience. Moving forward, our advertising budget is increasing which only means previous campaigns were a success in both our and our client’s eyes – which is the true golden ticket.


For your business, to gain better results along with the lowest cost per result is best seen through testing your advertisements, serving your audience first to gain brand loyalty, and the serve, serve, serve, then ask method.

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