June Content Spotlight

Published on Jun 27, 2019

Annika León
Account Leader

Every month, we talk about a specific piece of client content that we made and the reasons why it works well on social. Sometimes, we highlight content because we are proud of how it elevates our client’s brand. Other times, we choose to highlight specific content for the way it authentically captures and drives our client’s voice further. Other times, we’ve been part of projects that have impacted the community in a positive way, and we want to share that positive message! Today, we’re sharing a piece of content for a technical reason- we want our clients to know that we offer drone photography and video services! We already have 3 drone certified team members in the office and have three more that are about to be certified! 

Team member Matt, who is a certified drone operator, made this video for CR Structures Group. Because social media is inundated with video content, we want to ensure that our client’s stand out by having high-quality visual content that is also authentic to their brands. Drone video is one way of standing out online and elevating your social media presence. If you’re one of our clients, ask your Account Leader how you can include drone footage into your social media strategy today!

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