How To Improve Your Organic Reach

Published on Dec 14, 2020

Chris Burns
Director of Business Development

Social media is evolving and platforms like Facebook are making changes weekly. This makes it difficult for small to medium-sized businesses to keep up. As if posting regularly isn’t enough of a challenge, now, most social media platforms have some kind of algorithm. Each is unique to its platform and determines what type of content you see and where you see it in your newsfeed. In fact, Facebook has over 100,000 criteria in their algorithm. 

On platforms like Facebook, the organic reach for business pages is around 20% or lower (according to This means that approximately 20% of your followers are likely to see your posts, which means low engagement. With these changes, posting regularly just isn’t going to cut it. 

All of that sounds grossly overwhelming and frustrating. The good news is that you can grow your business and achieve more visibility without needing to know all 100,000 weight factors. I have outlined some of the most important and relevant tactics that have helped our clients and will help boost your organic reach.

Use more video

It’s the number 1 type of consumed content on Facebook. According to, people spend more than 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video compared to traditional video. Facebook and its users like video; so post more of it.

Post content that yields engagement

If your content is quality, interesting, funny, or entertaining, it will yield engagement and Facebook recognizes that. It’s one of the more influential factors in the Facebook algorithm. 

Create content that’s shareable

Showcase your creative side by using high-resolution photography, incorporate graphics, showcase employees, highlight milestones, company history, quizzes, contests, etc. Be interesting and tell stories, that are shareable content.

Maintain consistency and continuity

This may be one of the more simple yet more difficult tasks on the list because it takes time. Continuity is what helps your brand look more professional on social. It’s all about using the same filter on all photos, using the same font type, and being consistent with your style. Finding time to do that and to post regularly can be challenging. However, 3-4 posts a week is sufficient and you can schedule a batch of posts a month out at a time. 

Be positive

Posts that showcase positivity are easy to like and posts that inspire are shareable. Whereas posts about news, politics, and religion, might trigger you to respond in a different way. As a business, always stick with topics that are likable: Things that are tasty, inspiring, capturing the moment, people doing good, achievements, humor and anything you feel adds value to your followers’ newsfeed. 

Genuine and authentic

Believe it or not, people follow you or your business because they like you. Only you can be the best version of yourself, so be you. If you have a product or service to sell, always be honest and transparent and stay away from making claims that cannot be backed up. 


DIY and Q&A are a big part of what makes the internet a popular place. Every single day people are consuming videos for answers and if that is what people are searching for, it should be a part of your social media strategy. Educational and informative content, particularly videos are a great way to position yourself as an expert and empower people. By doing so, you’re adding value to their news feed. 

Don’t be spammy

Most posts that include a sale or promotion are considered spam. Even if you have a super sale and a special promo code to offer, it’s not likely to cultivate high engagement. Furthermore, if people click on the link and leave immediately, that post will have a high bounce rate, Facebook will see it as spam and push it down the newsfeed. It’s best to focus more on adding value to others’ newsfeed rather than selling. 


Hashtags are a good way to get recognized by random people searching about your subject on Instagram or Twitter. Hashtagging on Facebook is not a good tactic to use to get noticed. One relevant hashtag is all you need, using more or non-relevant hashtags could cause your post to get pushed down the newsfeed. 


If you struggle to determine what to post and what not to post, ask yourself these two questions. “Would it add value to my newsfeed” and “Would I like or share this”? If the answer is no, then don’t post it. Too many businesses post without a purpose (posting just to post) and that is a great way to get overlooked and/or unfollowed. Instead, focus on posting content that’s interesting, entertaining, and ultimately adds value to your followers’ newsfeed. 

Success on social media platforms has more to do with quality than quantity. Facebook designed the algorithm because they want to push businesses to create quality content, not more content. When businesses create better content, it makes Facebook more entertaining and more valuable to it’s users. 

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