Highlight Work from the Last Two Weeks – Valley Cooperative Association & Appletown Downtown, Inc.

Published on Dec 5, 2018

Annika León
Account Manager

At BConnected, our team members come from a wide variety of backgrounds: graphic design, photography, video, marketing, and more. We are the caretakers, the backbone, and the reliable source for clients’ social media platforms. Two client projects that we were particularly proud of our team members for recently was a video for Valley Cooperative Association about Cranky Al’s Bakery, and a video for Appletown Downtown for Small Business Saturday.

BConnected team member Hannah Maurer created the video for Valley Cooperative Association. One of Hannah’s favorite things about working with Valley is that they work really hard to help all of their members grow their businesses in any way that they can. Valley works on showcasing a variety of their members on their social media and she gets a chance to work with all of these different people. This could be anywhere from a local bakery, to a cupcake shop, to a local grocery store. Hannah enjoyed learning about the history of Cranky Al’s Bakery and where they started. Fun fact: they make hundreds of thousands of donuts each and every year and are continuing to grow!

We love being an integral and involved part of our community. It’s so important, and that’s why we jumped on the opportunity to make a few videos for Appletown Downtown, Inc. promoting Small Business Saturday. When you shop local, your money stays local, and it allows the place you live in to continue to thrive and grow. Team members Zach Woelfel and Annika León created this video together, along with three other videos promoting Small Business Saturday. Annika said that the most fun part of creating this video was getting to know local business leaders living in Appleton, as well as interviewing two people with such fun personalities. According to Zach, his favorite part of the shoot was getting to meet the owners and hear their stories on why they love being in the Appleton area.

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