Highlight Work from the Last Two Weeks – Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra & Goodwill NCW

Published on Jan 3, 2019

Annika León
Account Manager

For the first blog post of 2019, it only makes sense for one of our “best client posts” of the last two weeks to be a 2018 year in review video for Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra (FVSO). Our team member Shawn filmed the majority of the footage shown in the video, and the rest was filmed by other BConnected team members. The great thing about this year in review is that it shows the vast amount of events FVSO is involved in. According to Shawn, many people think the FVSO only plays at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, when in reality, the orchestra is also involved in community outreach, a youth orchestra, and getting involved at local schools.

Shawn’s favorite event that he filmed in the last year for FVSO was an event called “In Harmony” where Peer to Peer performances connected high school musicians under the mentorship of FVSO members with their special education peers to present music-therapy informed performances. So, there’s a lot more to the FVSO than many people may think. That’s why having a social media presence is important- so that you can directly tell your audience who you are.

What does the Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra and Goodwill NCW have in common? People have misconceptions about their brand, and social media allows them to be authentic and show what they stand for. At BConnected, we believe that social media should feel authentic. Your brand should be clear online so that your audience can connect with you better. Something we love about working with Goodwill NCW is that they love to capture their team members stories and how Goodwill truly helps to eliminate barriers to employment with their communities. Team member Vanessa made this video about Lily, an 85-year-old who has been working at the Neenah Goodwill location for 5 years. Vanessa said, “I’ve loved being able to meet and capture stories with team members at Goodwill. Each person has such a unique and wonderful story that the world needs to hear. I feel so thankful to be able to help them break down the many misconceptions that people have about what Goodwill does and how they treat their team members.”

About working for Goodwill, Lily said, “I was so thankful when they opened that I was given the opportunity to work here… I have a reason for being here. Some people question me because people my age usually don’t work.. they don’t even want to work, but I want to be here to set a good example for others.” Lily’s story is another example of Goodwill elevating people by eliminating barriers to employment!

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