Highlight Work from the Last Two Weeks – Printron & Eagle Performance Plastics

Published on Feb 1, 2019

Annika León
Account Manager

With the terrible windchill and winter weather we’ve been dealing with lately, we’d love to give you some fresh reading material by looking back on our top two favorite client content pieces we’ve created over the last two weeks.
The first piece of content was this video for Printron, filmed by team members Shawn Williams and Annika Leon. This video showed off the partnership between Printron and Fox Valley Technical Institute. Annika loved setting up the interview shots with Shawn, because she thought it looked very unique and aesthetically pleasing. However, since things don’t always go as planned, we had to overcome a faulty audio cable connection that day as well. So, Annika sat on the floor beside the person getting interviewed, having the microphone wire lead directly into the recording device, rather than the through the bad cable. Was it a little awkward? Yes. Does our team pride ourselves in adapting to situations and relationships? YES! At the end of the day, it’s all about capturing the story, and sometimes we need to overcome obstacles in order to get the story told!

Shawn enjoyed filming in an active environment for the interview, inside a working plant. What’s unique about Printron is that when their clients succeed, they succeed. Printron is an integral part of the printing process yet little is known about flexography outside of a small niche, and we have a platform with our social media to share that story to those in the know, or newbies. We put a name, face, and a story to what could be overlooked.

The second piece of content was this video for Eagle Performance Plastics filmed by team member Matt Troge. Matt’s favorite part about making the video was watching something new come to life.

According to Matt, Eagle Performance Plastics does a lot of awesome design work and custom creation. He was really excited to watch a design go from a drawing on a page to a physical piece that will be used to help one of their customers. Matt loves working with this client because they are a company that thinks outside of the box and promotes a lot of teamwork aspects that most companies can only talk about. As someone who gets to create something new every day at work, he enjoys working with a client that does the same, but through different means.

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