Chiropractic Health and Rehab Center Uses Voucher Offer to Gain New Leads & a 54.5% Close Rate

Published on Sep 19, 2019

Brynn Joki
Brand Development Coordinator

33 leads from new customers

18 new customer appointments booked

54.5% close rate

2,717 new patient $29 voucher landing page views

82,995 people reached

317,318 post impressions

$0.69 cost per landing page view

$2000 total spent on Facebook advertising

Potential ROI = $16,000 that is 800% return on Ad Spend


About the Project:

Chiropractic Health and Rehab Center has been providing the experience towards a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle with chiropractic care in the Greenville, Wisconsin area.  In early spring, they were interested in testing paid advertising with an existing new patient voucher promotion they have run in the past. They involved BConnected at this time to formulate a strategic plan to support and run this promotion.


The Strategy:

BConnected developed a specific advertising strategy to target their specific demographic with a new patient $29 voucher promotion for an initial consult and adjustment in order to gain leads and earn future service.  We started in June by testing 4 different creatives (2 videos and 2 images) with the exact same copy and from there we determined that the two videos performed the best. In July, we took those two videos and tested copy in our two weeks extended run (testing short copy vs long copy) resulting in 4 ads total with that campaign.  Facebook then determined which ones were performing the best and moved our budget to the best performing ads. Once we formulated the best visuals, we delivered the best performing video in the first week of the second month with two different versions of creative copy. Once seeing the shorter creative copy performing better with the video, the rest of the month was delivering the largest investment into that specific ad.

By testing each of our creative assets before investing the bulk of paid advertisements in, we are allowing ourselves to deliver our best performing content without misusing money.

We suggested running a Conversion Objective ad to utilize their Facebook pixel on the landing page that we created.  This allowed Facebook to learn the types of people who were clicking on the ad and view the landing page so that it could find more of those types of people to deliver the ad to.

In the second month, we noticed having fewer people claim the offer so we recommend running this campaign bi-annually to reduce ad fatigue and increase urgency when it is running less often.


The Results:

After our two months of running this campaign, 33 people claimed the $29 new patient voucher offer.  After personal follow up by their team, they were able to schedule 18 new patient appointments from our June/July campaign that offers a 54.5% close rate.  Throughout both June and July, there were 2,717 views on the voucher landing page that cost them $0.69 per view. The total number of people reached from the ads was 82,995, and the number of times the ad was seen by them was 317,318 as it usually takes a viewer more than once to take an action.  The Chiropractic Center paid $1000 per month for advertising, leading to 18 appointments booked, providing a prospective $18,000 ROI from new customers.

Chiropractic Center gave BConnected insight that on average, a new patient brings them $1000 per year.  If a patient sees them for more than one year, the lifetime value then is increased. This allowed us to gain potential ROI from the new patient appointments that resulted from the campaign we were running.

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