Social Tips

5 Simple Ways to Win on Social Media as a Small Business

February 27, 2019

The common question, “I keep hearing about Facebook and how my business should be on social media, but how do I use it as a business to benefit me?” is what drove BConnected, LLC to be what it is today and continues to be a question that many business owners ask.

Here’s The Benefits of Using Facebook Live For Your Business

December 21, 2018

Have you ever thought about going live on your Facebook business profile? Live video on Facebook provides absolutely unique content for your audience, and research from showed that 81% of internet users watched more live streaming content in 2016 than the year prior.

Are You Documenting And Creating Content?

November 29, 2018

For any business to be successful with marketing, consistency is key. As it relates to social media, posting 3-5 times per week for the average small business is ideal. Ultimately, the frequency of posting means nothing unless your content is authentic, creative, original and visual.

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