Meet Our Director of Creative Content

November 5, 2020

Meet Brandon, our Director of Creative Content, and most tenured employee here at BConnected. Brandon is responsible for the quality of output created across our team of account leaders. His position is multi-faceted and dives deep in the support role for the team. Through education, positive reinforcement, and a hands-on approach, Brandon will work to elevate and unify our brand, content, and capabilities at BConnected. Currently, he serves on the leadership team providing insight, knowledge, and trends pertaining to the creative landscape within our industry.

June Content Spotlight

June 27, 2019

Because social media is inundated with video content, we want to ensure that our client’s stand out by having high-quality visual content that is also authentic to their brands. Drone video is one way of standing out online and elevating your social media presence.

May Client Spotlight

June 3, 2019

Being genuine and personable is a great way to ensure that your audience will be responsive and engaged with your brand online. Lem and Brad were casual in the way they talked with one another. It wasn’t forced or scripted in any way. Being authentic online allows your audience to see you as inviting, approachable, and trustworthy.

March Best Client Work

March 29, 2019

One of our BConnected Basics is to pay attention to details. When you do, it becomes easier to put in extra effort to make content for clients that much better.

February’s Best Client Work

March 11, 2019

We had the absolutely incredible opportunity to film five videos for Old Glory Honor Flight, highlighting a few veterans from the Vietnam War and being able to tell their story. We had an awesome time giving you the welcome home you may have never received.

Highlight Work from the Last Two Weeks – Printron & Eagle Performance Plastics

February 1, 2019

Our team members know how to problem solve and think quickly in order to tell our client’s stories effectively and enhance their social medoa presence.

Highlight Work from the Last Two Weeks – Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra & Goodwill NCW

January 3, 2019

What does the Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra and Goodwill NCW have in common? People have misconceptions about their brand, and social media allows them to be authentic and show what they stand for.

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