Women’s Care


Women’s Care of Wisconsin consists of a team of highly trained gynecologists, obstetricians, midwives, and nurse practitioners who are sensitive to the needs of women and they are committed to providing a high level of quality care and services.

Social Media Mission:

  • Create awareness surrounding women’s health
  • Educate audience on women’s health as well as services
  • Overall page growth
  • Audience Engagement
  • Social credibility through patient stories
Women’s Care


Connecting with patients on a personal level can sometimes be challenging for doctors. We’ve chosen to build up the reputation of Women’s Care of Wisconsin’s Mission – Circle of Care – by reaching others through personal stories of past and current patients, in a friendly, compassionate manner.


  • Showcase doctors and providers through introductory videos
  • Tell about the Circle of Care through patient testimonial videos
  • Generate a library of evergreen content through patient and provider shoots
  • Build community through engagement and interaction on comments/posts through Facebook and Instagram
  • Manage ad campaigns targeted at potential patients and families


  • Increase Instagram followers by 3200%
  • Over 310,000 engagements on Facebook
  • Over 6.5 Million impressions on Facebook
  • Create and publish 870+ posts to Facebook, 715+ posts and stories to Instagram
  • Increase audience size and bring organic impressions up 132% since pre-BConnected work
  • Instagram engagement grew 6000% with 7,800+ total engagements, and 282,000+ impressions

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