VF Outdoor


VF Outdoor is a holding company for large brands like The North Face, Vans, Timberland, and Smartwool. Their Appleton location provides customer service to people buying their branded products.

Social Media Mission:

  • Grow the VF community
  • Showcase VF culture
  • Utilize social media tools for seasonal hiringĀ 
VF Outdoor


VF Outdoor’s social media objective is to create a positive impression of their company culture so that when it comes time to hire seasonal employees for their holiday rush, candidates are already familiar with the company and people they’d be working with. BConnected was presented with the challenge of drawing an enticing link between working for customer service and raising excitement about the lifestyle that their brands promote.


  • Communicated important company updates
  • 1,000+ Published Posts (across all platforms)
  • Video campaigns on VF culture & ethos
  • Awareness campaigns targeting potential candidates
  • VF Lifestyles video campaign
  • Driving prospects to the VF Careers website.


  • VF Outdoor Net audience growth of 2,402 followers since services began (across all platforms)
  • 183,699 people reached through Facebook advertising
  • 13,451 link clicks
  • 2,320,985 impressions since beginning BConnected services
  • 118,664 total engagements

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