US Venture Podcast


US Venture utilizes a monthly podcast to review business updates, company culture, and other noteworthy topics in lieu of a monthly email.


Social Media Mission:

  • Increase the amount of people watching and/or listening to the podcast
  • Inform team members about new warehouse openings, business updates, and financial information
US Venture Podcast


US Venture reached out to BConnected because the business updates they were sending to their staff via email had an average open-rate of less than 10%. They wanted to increase internal awareness of new happenings within the US Venture umbrella. Our challenge was to come up with a more effective way for US Venture to communicate with their team– by pivoting towards an audio/visual format, we piqued the staff’s interest and improved internal communications.



  • Full podcast: video export
  • Full podcast: audio-only export
  • Communicated important company updates efficiently
  • Podcast consisting of 3 segments: Business update from John,
    and two guests talking about company growth & culture



  • As of November 2019: A total of 551 activated accounts for the podcast – “active” listeners varies from episode to episode (they publish both video and audio episodes each month). On average, they have 97 listeners per episode (that number is dragged down because of the slow start of the first three episodes). In October, they had 158 listeners of episode 10.
  • Listenership for the last five episodes looks like this:
    OCTOBER – 158 listeners for an average of 24 minutes of the episode
    SEPTEMBER – 109 listeners; average of 23:45 of the episode
    AUGUST – 131 listeners; average of 34:45 of the episode
    JULY – 158 listeners; average of 28:05 of the episode
    JUNE – 126 listeners; average of 30:12 of the episode


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