Spierings Cancer Foundation


BConnected has worked with the Spierings Cancer Foundation for the last four years. Every year, the foundation holds an event called Rock Cancer, which is the primary annual fundraiser for the foundation and is a day-long celebration of life, music, and fun. Funds raised during Rock Cancer provide financial support to local families affected by cancer, enhance medical care for patients in the Fox Cities, and fund cancer research in Wisconsin.

Social Media Mission:

Our goal with Spierings Cancer Foundation is to tell their stories and triumphs in an authentic and engaging way. We utilize high-quality photo and video content to focus on funds raised for the community and cancer research, and to telling cancer survivor’s stories.

Spierings Cancer Foundation


Normally, over 4,500 people attend the day-long event, but the pandemic caused the event to be canceled and instead be virtual this year. 2020 has looked different for all businesses, but especially for charities that rely on events for fundraising and financial support. In previous years, the Spierings Cancer Foundation has been able to raise over 1.25 million dollars to help local families, and they weren’t sure how to ensure the same success in 2020. 


BConnected was tasked with helping utilize digital media to assist Spierings Cancer Foundation in raising the money that normally would have been donated in person. With our social media expertise, utilizing high-quality photo and video content, alongside an effective advertising campaign, we were able to help Spierings Cancer Foundation raise over $230,000 for local families to help with financial support, medical care, and cancer research.


  • Consistent well created content
  • Captured mission and stories
  • $230,465 raised for Rock Cancer in 2020

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