Brown Bomber Hard Latte


Brown Bomber is a great tasting ready-to-drink coffee with premium malt alcohol that’s the perfect companion for any occasion. It’s made with 100% Arabica Coffee, premium malt, and delicious, all-natural flavor. Coffee isn’t just a morning thing, and you don’t need to wait until happy hour to enjoy an adult beverage. At 5% alcohol by volume, Brown Bomber Hard Lattes are yours to enjoy any time of day – morning, afternoon, or evening. It’s perfect for any occasion, from brunch parties to campfires!

Social Media Mission:

  • Introduce Brown Bomber to social media
  • Develop brand awareness
  • Encourage online fans to purchase Brown Bomber products locally
  • Develop an active and engaged online community
  • Overall page growth
  • Run creative campaigns
  • Social credibility

Brown Bomber Hard Latte


Brown Bomber’s brand launched in the Spring of 2019. They were brand new to the malt beverage scene, so they brought BConnected on to 1.) Develop brand recognition and 2.) Gain enough interest and trust from their online community so that people would physically go out to stores to try the product. Once Brown Bomber was established in Wisconsin, they expanded into more than twenty states; everything we offered needed to be scalable in order to re-create our success in each new territory.


  • Launched the Facebook & Instagram pages
  • Developed a set brand aesthetic
  • High-quality photo & video creation
  • Ongoing campaigns around awareness, web traffic, and page growth
  • Promoted seasonal flavor launches
  • Media buying
  • Developed & executed an Instagram Influencer campaign
  • Ran several giveaways & promotions
  • Answered questions, comments, reviews, and messages
  • Helped Brown Bomber transition through their rebrand (Autumn of 2019)
  • Ran advanced ads campaigns involving retargeting warm audiences, A/B testing to drive down cost per result, utilization of the Facebook Pixel & more


In the span of one year, we:

  • Grew their Facebook following from 0-5500+
  • Gained 550 Instagram followers
  • Received 30,000+ Facebook engagements
  • Obtained 4,775,000 Facebook Impressions (A daily average 10,752 users)
  • Created & posted over 300 pieces of original content across all social platforms
  • Responded to over 2,000 questions, comments, and messages

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