Baisch Engineering


Baisch Engineering specializes in providing full-service integration engineering to pulp and paper and general industrial clients worldwide.

Social Media Mission:

  • Grow the Baisch community/following
  • Showcase Baisch culture, expertise, and reputation
  • Educate page followers about Baisch services
  • Establish Baisch as an industry expert
Baisch Engineering


Baisch Engineering’s target audience is anyone related/interested in the engineering industry as well as clients/prospective clients. Since our target audience varies in their base knowledge of Engineering, we have to assume a majority of the complex ideas we communicate will need to be communicated in layman’s terms. Our challenge was to provide unique and engaging content that effectively communicated Baisch’s culture, expertise, and reputation all while delivering consistent results.



  • Communicated Important Company Updates Efficiently
  • 1,300 Published Posts (across all platforms)
  • Video campaigns on Baisch culture and ethos
  • Awareness campaigns targeted at potential clients
  • Culture from home (COVID-19 organic campaign)
  • Baisch-Zinga employee highlight ongoing (organic campaign)
  • Driving prospects to the Baisch website (About Us, Our Process, Our Ethos, Blog, etc.)



  • Baisch Net audience growth of 1,278 followers since services began (across all platforms)
  • 127,070 people reached through Facebook advertising
  • 11,427 post link clicks
  • 816,684+ Impressions since beginning BConnected services
  • 50,580 total engagements


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