Here’s The Benefits of Using Facebook Live For Your Business

Published on Dec 21, 2018

Annika León
Account Manager

Have you ever thought about going live on your Facebook business profile? Maybe now’s the time to think about it! Live video on Facebook provides absolutely unique content for your audience, and research from showed that 81% of internet users watched more live streaming content in 2016 than the year prior. Facebook live allows your audience to engage with you and comment or ask questions in real time.

One of our clients that utilizes live video very well is Tom Merryfield, owner of the Learning Shop, who is currently doing one live stream per day during The Season of Giving, which is 12 days leading up to Christmas in order to share a positive message and give away cool items! Learning Shop has been partnering with other businesses and doing giveaways each day. So far, Learning Shop has partnered with Discovery World, Heyrman Printing, Simon’s Specialty Cheese, Appleton Harley Davidson, the Milwaukee Wave Professional Soccer Team, Family Insurance Center, LLC., American National Bank Fox Cities, and us, BConnected, LLC! If you want to find out who else Tom will be partnering with for the Season of Giving, tune into the Learning Shop Facebook page at

Learning Shop’s live videos have been receiving a ton of comments, likes, and shares, showing that live videos produce a much higher level of audience engagement than posts containing just photos. Going live is also a cost-effective video strategy, as users don’t tend to mind that the videos aren’t perfectly polished. As long as the videos are engaging, using live video to highlight small business wins, do giveaways, or other on-the-spot content are great ways to engage with your audience and promote events, all while driving traffic to your page!

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