Are You Documenting And Creating Content?

Published on Nov 29, 2018

Chris Burns
Director of Business Development

How do you connect with consumers? Many businesses attempt to connect with consumers in one of three ways:

  1. Making claims
  2. Selling
  3. Talking at them instead of talking with them.

It’s likely these three tactics do not resonate with you. So, how is that likely to work on your business page?

I know what you’re thinking. “How do you talk with consumers?” Well, it’s more easily said than done. Truth is, any successful marketing campaign starts with time and a good strategy. As it relates to social media, it’s all of that and a lot more. Ultimately, it takes a good mixture of visual content (photo/video/live), and compelling copy that are required to get the consumer to stop scrolling and consume your message.

So what kind of content should you be publishing? Let’s first talk about what type of content and posting frequency that typically does not work.

Posting once a day November through December about discounts in an effort to drive more holiday sales is better than not posting. However, taking 2-4 weeks off in January can cause more harm than good. The gaps in posting can send a negative message and possibly serve as a red flag. Because the majority of people are active on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and, social media is free to use, there is no reason not to be posting consistently.

For any business to be successful with marketing, consistency is key. As it relates to social media, posting 3-5 times per week for the average small business is ideal. Ultimately, the frequency of posting means nothing unless your content is authentic, creative, original and visual.

Stock photos, funny memes, and generic graphic designs found on the web won’t get the job done. This type of content is not likely to get your attention so it’s probable it will not catch the eye of your followers. Everything you post should be original content.  What does that mean? Your content could and should include a variety of themes including, your talent, product, facility, services, reviews/testimonials, your clients and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s always helpful to make the content fun, simple, educational, inspirational, and informational. These are the types of themes that people naturally engage with.

The visuals around your content don’t have to be perfect. Any relatively new cell phone can capture great photos. And, it easily takes a couple seconds to add a filter or change the exposure. If your struggling with what to post about, think more about documenting all the cool things your company and your colleagues do. That might include awards, achievements, anniversaries, training sessions, employees of the month, sponsorships, community involvement, team building events, etc.

A great way to compliment good content is storytelling. Don’t just add a sentence about the visual, tell a story, include the who, what, when, where, why, and, or how. Other tactics, that help a business connect with their followers and prospective clients is to be vulnerable. Don’t be shy about sharing your success and achievements or your failures. The best way is to get in front of the camera or to shoot a short video. Your audience wants to see you and know about your business and that’s just not possible without original content.

If you’re still struggling to think of what type of content to post, what to say or how to say it, here are a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Review your competitive landscape

While I would never recommend your copy someone else’s ideas or work, it’s not a bad idea to see what similar businesses are doing in other parts of the state or country. This will give you a good idea of weather or not your social media game is up to par with the industry and it might give you a few ideas.

Social media strategy

If you don’t already have a social media strategy, create one. Include 2-4 quantifiable and achievable goals. For each goal, write out 3-5 themes and tactics you plan to deploy to help achieve said goals. Use this document as your north star to guide you throughout your year.

Ask your audience what they want

Look back at the last 3-6 months of posts and determine what types of content has performed best organically. Use that intel to ask your audience questions about what they want to hear, see and discuss. If your not talking about things your audience is interested or passionate about, your just talking at them.  

Ask your team for help

Two heads are better than one, so why not involve other people from your team or company. Often times, this will help diversify your content themes. For example, HR might help you talk more effectively to prospective job candidates. And, someone from your website team might be able to provide some intel on the trending topics on

Leverage Facebook Insights

Every business page has an insights tab. Use this information to get a good feel for your audience demographics. It is here where you can learn about the age of your followers, location, gender, language, best time to post, etc. This itel should help you craft better content and copy.

In summary, quantifiable success on social media is possible. However, it takes a commitment of time on a weekly, if not daily basis. Posting randomly just to post is not likely to help achieve the goals and objectives of your business. If you don’t already have a strategy, build one and start documenting. Make a commitment and dedicate time for social media and get started.

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